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“Our vision at has always been that the answer to that resided in the Interest Graph. The social graph is not enough to filter our interests: just because we’re connected or friends doesn’t mean you share my interests for online gaming, freeride skiing or astronomy. And these interests – we’ve learned – are very long tail: just on, hundreds of thousands of topics have been created by our users since we launched. There is no way to curate the curators in an absolute sense.


Instantly creating a dynamic feed of all of the most recent posts on the topics you follow as well as topics within many different categories of interest, the new Visual Dashboard brings discovery and inspiration to a whole new level.


Discovery and Curation are two sides of the same (content) coin.

In the new dashboard, you’ll be able to rescoop on the fly any content worth sharing to your audience while easily adding your own context from the now-classic publishing pop-up…”


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