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Robin Good: Boutine is a women clothing and fashion platform allowing you to create custom collections and to earn commissions on the items sold through it.


From Techcrunch: “Sourcing items from a variety of indie designers, over half of whom are international, Boutine organizes and presents the pieces in a drag-and-drop interface where women can create looks using tops, bottoms, dresses, handbags, jewelry and other accessories.


Of some 300 signups from designers, Boutine curated the selection down to just 75 designers, with help from a team of experts from the fashion industry.


In addition to the mix-and-matching Boutine allows, users can also add their own Instagram photos to their collections (as the outfits or outfit groups are called). This allows them to start with a photo of something they already own, then find other items to match with it.


For example, you could find a necklace to complement a date-night dress, or some new jeans to go with a shirt you love. When collections are complete, they can be shared to all the usual places – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even blogs via embed codes or a WordPress plugin.


According to the site FAQ, Boutine charges a 20% commission on products sold, and Stylists (that’s you) would receive a 10% commission for putting the look together.


Boutine collects the total commission and distributes the appropriate amount to the Boutique Owner, meaning the bloggers, stylists, and fashion enthusiast who are the active participants building collections on the site.”



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