Empire Avenue Tips

I believe a reciprocal buying strategy – where you buy and hold shares in those players who buy and hold yours – is a winning strategy on Empire Avenue (see Is Reciprocal Buying a Good Strategy?) However, some of the best benefits come only when others know you’re a reciprocal investor:

  • Other players looking for reciprocal investors will buy your shares if they know you will buy back.
  • Other reciprocal buyers will hold your shares even when your share price or dividends drop because they know you’ll do the same for them.

Making it known that you’re a reciprocal investor and finding other reciprocal investors can be a challenge, so here’s an experimental idea to try to create a list of reciprocal investors.

I’ve created a Google Form/Spreadsheet. If you do reciprocal buying, fill out the form. You will be added to the spreadsheet. Within a day or…

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