Hi EAvers. 6 of 43 new users from yesterday on today’s list. Have a great day investing in others!

Hi Guys,you might find some of the amazing Awesome great player in among the newbies for Today,so better invest in them and watch out their activity !!  have fun Happy Investing !!


Yesterday’s New Users with Dividend > 0.15 e/share

Ticker Dividend Share Price % Yield
WILLSDAILYS 0.39 32.63 1.2
BPORTER 0.37 37.46 0.99
KIWIANA23 0.26 39.05 0.67
PTFRUGAL 0.19 38.46 0.49
DOUGDICKSON 0.19 25.08 0.76
DANGFINGERS 0.15 32.82 0.46

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