Diamond Head, Hawaii, USAColliding rivers in Geneva, SwitzerlandBlue River, GreenlandBern, SwitzerlandBaby chipmunk. Cute, even when they're babiesA cute otter giving a pose
Wow amazing Art!!Winter in Tokyo!!Where the Baltic and North Seas meet.Wentworth, England!! - CopyTulips in Snow, Jeremy Ranch, Park City, Utah.The Rainbow Roses ♥
The Pan-American Highway - Chile!!The Black Panther.Road in Kabul, Afghanistan.Newborn Baby Elephant ♥ ♥Moon, Venus and Jupiter over night Los AngelesHybrid rose titled  Tiger Stripes Rose
Hiller Lake (Western AustraliaDouc Langur monkey - What a face!Diadophis punctatus regalis - A Colored Regal Ring-necked Snake.Black Head, Gerroa, NSW  Andy Hutchinson PhotographyBeautiful Valley cover with snow Looks like a wonderlandAmazing Matheran, Maharashtra, India

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