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Paul McCartney has had so many stages in his life!  This is a time when everything seemed fun and together for them.

I can’t believe that this song is from 1976!

I have a friend with a Greyhound named “Jet”.  When she mentions him, I think of the song by Paul McCartney and Wings.

There is a lot of confusion about what the song means.

From –

“Jet” was the name of a black Labrador that Paul McCartney and his wife Linda owned, and the dog provided the title for the song. The McCartney’s owned a variety of animals, and at the time their brood included a Golden Lab named Poppy, a Dalmatian named Lucky, and the old Sheepdog Martha (from the Beatles song “Martha My Dear”). “Jet” was chosen not because he was Paul’s favorite, but because the name makes a very stadium-ready title, perfect for throwing your…

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