Here are some guidelines to clarify how we can accomplish our posting and liking each day.  Since we are a group spanning the entire globe and so many time zones, it seems that we need to have a system that provides maximum flexibility while still ensuring that we can all participate fully.  “Future King” designed a system that will help us all accomplish this goal.  Here is how it works:

  1. Each day, once a member has uploaded their pics/posts for liking by other members they should go to the Group Page  and put a comment under the post by Reza or Mark  that starts out:  “Hello Attention please, ——- 28/01/2012”  that reads: “uploads ready for likes – Tuesday” or you can use the date for which the posts are available for liking.  Just let us now in a comment to that post that you are ready for likes with a date or day of the week and we will all be able to know that your pages are ready.
  2. Every day each member needs to check the comments to the above mentioned post to determine whose pages are ready and then do the liking.  Please keep checking periodically until you have been able to do all the likes for everyone.  Alternatively, you can wait until everyone is done uploading and do all the likes at once, but this is more likely to get your account locked if you do too much all at once.
  3. Once a member has completed the likes on another member (s)he should post that those likes are completed in the post by Reza or Mark that starts out, “Hello Future King’s Members ,——-28/01/2013  Once you have done putting likes in all the profile of a member for today please…”  This will help you keep track of who you have completed so you can refer back to it as necessary to make sure you done all of your likes.  It is meant as a useful tool to help everyone track both the likes they have given/completed and the likes that they have received.
  4. Following this two post will solve all  the confusion !!


The guidance provided along with the tools are to ensure that no matter where you live, you can give and receive your allotted likes each day and have one place of reference to track what you need yet to do.  This way, whenever you see that someone has completed their downloads you can give them the likes for the day no matter what time it is wherever you live.

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If anyone has any questions or suggestions to improve the process, please us know either privately or in the chat(s).  Let’s rock the Empire!