Hear ye, hear ye!!! Attention all Future Kings!

We want to propose another way to increase you dividends. For those who want to participate, this new weekly action will increase our engagement, average daily activity, and EA score. And it only takes one action per week by each member who decides to join in the fun! We will pair up each week and the two members of each pair will create a mission for the other member for Eavers to buy shares or give FB, G+ or whatever mission is decided by the pair. The 10 mission rewards are only 5,000e to keep it all affordable, so the payout is just 100,000e plus the cost of the shareholder message. Running such a mission for oneself only gets others to buy your shares and has limited engagement value. But running a mission for someone else increases the engagement value and will result in increased activity and a higher EA score because each reward claimed includes three parties’ involvement instead of just two. Pairings will rotate each week. We will start by asking members who are interested to express your interest in a comment below.

Reason for joining the mission group:
You will increase your EA activity score and daily dividends paid. The dividend paid is a representative average of activities over the past 7 days. Thus, it is only necessary to run this mission once per week to benefit for the whole week.
You will increase your engagement (very important in EA) by creating missions for others. Creating the same mission to have others buy your own shares won’t count as much. Those EA members with higher EA scores and greater engagement (as measured by EA) will earn higher dividends to be paid out, thus attracting more investors with a higher ROI.
When we run a mission for someone else and they run an identical mission for us, we both benefit and will earn some of the eaves back from investors. It’s like running a mission for yourself, but getting a greater benefit.
Future Kings Procedures for mission participants:
At the beginning of each week, we will each be assigned to a pairing. The pairings will change and rotate each week so that we are each able to engage equally with each other over each complete rotation period. The rotation period length will depend on the number of participants. Pairings will be announced no later than Monday at midnight.
If there are an uneven number of participants, it may be necessary for one pair to become three with each member needing to run two missions for that specific week. Unless others volunteer, either Mark or Reza will volunteer to be the third party each week when necessary.
Each member of each pair will then create a mission with 10 rewards of 5,000e each during the week for the other member of the pair. Some of our members are relatively new and do not have enough eaves to devote more to this effort. The mission will be to buy 5,000e worth of shares of the other pair member. So, if a member’s price is 250e, the mission would ask those who complete the mission to purchase at least 19 shares (this accounts for the 5% commission taken by EA). A list of share prices and suggested numbers of shares for each member of the group will be furnished as a guide.
Only members of the Future Kings group can participate. Only Future Kings members who have commented on the notice posted in the group page may participate.
Members may drop out of the mission participation group at any time if their current week’s mission obligations are completed. Simply contact Reza , Sunday of the week for which you wish to not be included.
Once a member drops out of the mission group they must contact Reza to join back into the rotation again. Members will be added at the beginning of a new rotation only.  We also want everyone to get as much benefit as possible.

Future Kings’ Share prices and proposed share purchase guidelines (to be updated biweekly):
Price Shares











Let us know who are interested !!