Attention Future Kings!!!
Beginning on 25/3/2013 the number of posts and likes will be reduced to 10 per page (FB, G+, FFP). This change is being implemented as an experiment for three basic reasons:
We want to create greater stability within the group by reducing the amount of time that is required to participate daily. This will enable members the time needed to create additional reach by connecting with others outside the group and developing those relationships or to spend more time working outside of social media.
We want to make it easier for new members to keep up and to reduce the warning problems coming from Facebook for liking too fast. We hope that the reduced number of likes per page will reduce warnings and enable us all to complete daily tasks more quickly.
We want to try to determine if the reduced number of likes will have any appreciable effect on our networking scores and, by extension, the levels of our dividends paid.
Finally, we would like to encourage all members to do as many shares and/or comments for other members. Shares and comments help more than likes. The more we do for each other the more we will all benefit from membership. We are developing habits that, if we transfer them to interaction with others outside this group, will result in increasing social reach and engagement for us all.