Attention Future Kings!!!

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Attention Future Kings!!!
Beginning on 25/3/2013 the number of posts and likes will be reduced to 10 per page (FB, G+, FFP). This change is being implemented as an experiment for three basic reasons:
We want to create greater stability within the group by reducing the amount of time that is required to participate daily. This will enable members the time needed to create additional reach by connecting with others outside the group and developing those relationships or to spend more time working outside of social media.
We want to make it easier for new members to keep up and to reduce the warning problems coming from Facebook for liking too fast. We hope that the reduced number of likes per page will reduce warnings and enable us all to complete daily tasks more quickly.
We want to try to determine if the reduced number of likes will have any appreciable effect on our networking scores and, by extension, the levels of our dividends paid.
Finally, we would like to encourage all members to do as many shares and/or comments for other members. Shares and comments help more than likes. The more we do for each other the more we will all benefit from membership. We are developing habits that, if we transfer them to interaction with others outside this group, will result in increasing social reach and engagement for us all.


Klout Connection for Future kings


Wow we have landed in new klout  ventures for the Future kings of the Empire !!

Our Group Link




Few things to remember :-

  • everyone should add everyone as their Infuencer
  • exchange k on daily basis

This are the links of our Group member !! (To open in a New Tab press hold CTRL + the PICS )










Future King tools – Guide lines must follow


Here are some guidelines to clarify how we can accomplish our posting and liking each day.  Since we are a group spanning the entire globe and so many time zones, it seems that we need to have a system that provides maximum flexibility while still ensuring that we can all participate fully.  “Future King” designed a system that will help us all accomplish this goal.  Here is how it works:

  1. Each day, once a member has uploaded their pics/posts for liking by other members they should go to the Group Page  and put a comment under the post by Reza or Mark  that starts out:  “Hello Attention please, ——- 28/01/2012”  that reads: “uploads ready for likes – Tuesday” or you can use the date for which the posts are available for liking.  Just let us now in a comment to that post that you are ready for likes with a date or day of the week and we will all be able to know that your pages are ready.
  2. Every day each member needs to check the comments to the above mentioned post to determine whose pages are ready and then do the liking.  Please keep checking periodically until you have been able to do all the likes for everyone.  Alternatively, you can wait until everyone is done uploading and do all the likes at once, but this is more likely to get your account locked if you do too much all at once.
  3. Once a member has completed the likes on another member (s)he should post that those likes are completed in the post by Reza or Mark that starts out, “Hello Future King’s Members ,——-28/01/2013  Once you have done putting likes in all the profile of a member for today please…”  This will help you keep track of who you have completed so you can refer back to it as necessary to make sure you done all of your likes.  It is meant as a useful tool to help everyone track both the likes they have given/completed and the likes that they have received.
  4. Following this two post will solve all  the confusion !!


The guidance provided along with the tools are to ensure that no matter where you live, you can give and receive your allotted likes each day and have one place of reference to track what you need yet to do.  This way, whenever you see that someone has completed their downloads you can give them the likes for the day no matter what time it is wherever you live.

looking  looking  for more information on Members ,group activity

If anyone has any questions or suggestions to improve the process, please us know either privately or in the chat(s).  Let’s rock the Empire!


Welcome to the Future Kings of the Empire


RezaempireWelcome to the Future Kings of the Empire! This is where kings are made! This group was established as a members-only group to assist each of the members to achieve greatness on Empire Avenue through cooperative activity efforts. Group members can interact here, ask questions, and discuss ways to support each other’s progress on the Avenue. The theory is that as we support each other daily in activities we will all benefit from increased activity scores. How do we achieve rapid advancement in the Empire? We cooperate. Please see the revised description of “How it Works” for more specific details.

Welcome to the Future Kings of the Empire! This is where it all begins. As we support each other daily in activities we will all benefit from increased activity scores. How do we achieve rapid advancement in the Empire? We cooperate.

Here is how it works:-
1. We are forming a group of Eavers to cooperate and support each other for mutual benefit.
2. The emphasis will be on three networks: Facebook profile, Facebook Pages, and Google+.
3. As members of the group we agree to support each other every day possible. The support is defined as: 20 likes each day on each members’ FB profile; 20 likes each day on each members’ Facebook Page; 20 +1s on each members’ Google+ page.
4. If a member has fewer than 20 new post on a page, just like or +1 the ones that are new.
5. Each member is encouraged to add 20 new posts to their respective pages each day.
a. How do we find enough photos, links, or comments to post in three different pages?
b. We only need 20 per day in total. Just upload or share the same posts onto each page. If you want to do more for variety, it’s fine but not necessary.
c. If members want they can share posts from other members to get their 20 for the next day.
6. As a result each member will receive 100, 200 or more likes on their FB profile, likes on their FB Page, and +1s on their Google+ page…. EVERY DAY!
7. The maximum number for the group is currently limited to 20 members. We will start out a few members at first and add new members by introducing them to the group on this page. We may or may not get to 20. It will depend on how the members respond to the added time it takes to support each other. Thus, the maximum limit may be lowered once we have a sense of what is realistic. The group membership will close once we find the optimal number.
8. If you would like to recommend someone to the group, please contact Reza Ahmed or Mark Bern before inviting them. We want to make sure we don’t grow too fast and create a monster!
9. All members must max on all other members. This is for two reasons:
a. To show a commitment to the group; and
b. To provide an added benefit to each of us as investors as the individuals in this group begin to pay higher and higher dividends. We should expect to attract more investors and watch our share prices rise.

Things we, as members should do:-

1. Please post your photo stream links for FB profile, FB Page, and G+ so we can do likes quickly from here on photos. If you do not regularly post photos, make sure you post the page links her also.
2. Please connect fully with each of the other members to facilitate likes, etc.
3. Like, share, comment as much as we can to support each other.
4. If a member is unable to do all the likes on a particular day, they should try to catch up on a subsequent day.
5. If a member will not be online (traveling, etc) they should post to the group page here in advance to avoid confusion by other members.
6. We should try to share posts from members, where appropriate. This helps in two ways. It makes having enough posts available to be liked easier and it helps each member’s activity scores even more. This is not a requirement, but it makes a lot of sense.
7. We should leave a comment here and there as much as we can. Again, this is not required, but it should be noted that you will probably receive more when you give more.
8. All members should attempt to get their posts up as early as possible in the day to get all their likes. Try to make it as convenient as possible for others. If you are night person put your posts up the night before each day, if possible.
9. Members should recommend other potential group members to either Reza Ahmed or Mark Bern. A control point needs to be maintained so we can ensure that the group does not grow too fast and the workload expected of each member become more than we can each individually bear.
10. All members should remain fully invested in each other to show commitment to the group and to ensure that everyone reaps all the benefits of membership.

What groups members should not do:-
1. We should not skip days of likes and expect other members to provide likes or +1s without reciprocating. The honor system only works as long as we all honor our commitments.
2. We should not put up posts very late in the day and expect everyone to be able to like our posts that same day. It is simply unreasonable to expect others to follow your schedule.
3. If members miss supporting other members their membership rights will be reviewed for possible exit from the group. It only works if we all support each other regularly.
4. Members should not invite others directly to the group without checking with Reza Ahmed or Mark Bern first. We want to make sure the group remains manageable in size.
5. We should not sell shares in each other unless that member leaves the group. If a member leaves it is left to the discretion of each of the other members as to whether to hold or sell shares.


Below are the link of all the members,  — just click on the link below !!

Designed easy to use format — Happy Rocking Empire Guys

Below are the link of the members

A. Charles King — Links

           <>  EavTicker   <>  Facebook  <>  Google+ <> Fan Page  <>  all Charles’s profile 

B. Martin Hojberg– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>    FanPage <> all Martin’s profile

C. Gabriele Corno– Links

<>  EavTicker  <> Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  FanPage   <> all Gabriele’s Profile

D. Mark Bern — Links (Admin of this Group !!) 

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Mark’s Profile

E. Reza Ahmed– Links ( Creator & Admin  of this Group )

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Reza’s Profile

F. Don Frederikson — Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Don’s  Profile

G. Abyd A Sayyd– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Abyd’s  Profile

H. Vipul Jasani– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Vipul’s  Profile (Muted — No action Needed )

I. Vitus Feldmann– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Vitus’s  Profile

J. Dominique Van Echelpoel– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Dominique’s  Profile

K. Raphael Love– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Raphael’s  Profile (Muted- No action Needed)

L. Armin H. Mueller– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Armin’s  Profile

M. Buddy Hodges– Links

<>  EavTicker  <>  Facebook  <>  Google+  <>  Fanpage  <> all Buddy’s  Profile

Please click on the names to go the profile

we will Keep you updated as it progress, rule post will be updated soon

Many thanks and have fun — Remembers we are going to rock Empire now

Must Follow this  ——-> Guidelines to avoid confusion and its ——>    mechanism

New klout wings check this out ——> klout


Note :- for Non members if you wish to be a part of this hot and happening group, just wish a comment below ,we will get in touch with you & enroll you up & provide you with all the link needed  — Happy Eaving !!

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